One More {Bison Photo} For the Road


Hi Friends,

I am going to add this picture {that I just stumbled upon in my files} to my earlier post on Alaska Bison. But I am also posting it here because it is just too cool not to highlight.  Am I right?! 🙂



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A Very Nice View


Hi Friends,

If you’ve been visiting my blog long you know that I love Seward, Alaska.  It’s beauty is stunning and it is an easy drive from our home, making it the perfect weekend get-away.

Well, what I haven’t mentioned yet {at least not this year – lol} is that it also boasts one of my favorite restaurants:  Ray’s on the Waterfront.  My lunch of choice {dinner is a bit spendy} is their Alaskan cod & chips {you can choose halibut too or a combo}.  I usually substitute the house salad for the slaw and keep the fries. 🙂  SO YUMMY!   But what makes it even more special is the amazing view!  And this photo doesn’t do it justice! There are windows from one end of the restaurant to the other that all look out upon the harbor and the mountains beyond. Breathtaking.

So, if you are ever in Southcentral Alaska between May 15th &
September 15th, you definitely need to visit Seward and I would highly recommend Ray’s fish and chips!



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The Scenic Route

Hi Friends,

It seems to me that every road in South Central Alaska is the scenic route.  I have lived here for 30 years and I still cannot stop taking pictures every time I go on a road trip.  Here are just a few I took the last time we headed home from Seward.

Alaska still takes my breath away!



Seward Hwy 2013 a

Seward Hwy g

Seward Hwy 2013 c  Seward Hwy 2013 e

Seward Hwy 2013 f

Seward Hwy 2013 d

Seward Hwy 2013 b