Friday a Wee Bit Longer

Hi Friends,

It’s late here, but I thought I would stop in for a quick visit.

Today was another semi stressful day {car stuff}, but that happens sometimes and we just make the best of it and be thankful for everything else!

I made time to make these knit & crochet fingerless gloves with some yarn a friend gave me at lunch today.  She bought it for me on her recent trip to England.  How fun is that?! And the gloves go pretty fast with the knitting machine, which you know I love!

The lighting in the photos isn’t great because it isn’t natural light, so I will need to take some better shots before I will list them in my Etsy shop. However, I think my daughter makes a fine hand model. 🙂

I hope you had time to do something creative today too. And if not, soon!




Update:  I went ahead and made a listing for the gloves in my Etsy shop using this photo collage.  I will need to update the photos when I can take some better ones.  If interested click here.  🙂

WIP & What a Day!

Hi Friends!

Is this day almost over??  This has been one crazy day: Up, down, and all around exhausting!  But ultimately, it has been a blessed day.  God is good.

Car trouble – but everyone is okay.

My sweet young single-mom friend flying out with her two little ones tonight and totally stressed out and not ready – but God giving me the opportunity to minister to her in a helpful way.  I love that young lady!

A hubby who is getting ready for a trip – and yet, had flowers delivered to my work for an early birthday surprise.  Totally unexpected and precious!

Having a neck strain / headache – but at a manageable level.

Yes, God is so good.


And now my WIP {work in progress}: Another pair of knit & crochet fingerless gloves. They are actually in the very last stages of getting done.  I just have to weave in the ends and then wrap it in pretty tissue paper and send it on it’s way tomorrow.  It is a gift for a gal my husband works with.  She works tirelessly, so we thought we’d surprise her.

I found this beautiful plied yarn at the Seward yarn shop on our overnighter this week.  I decided to make the fingerless gloves a little longer this time and finish both the top and bottom edges with crochet {the center is knit -knitted?- on an Addi Express machine}.  Personally, I think I like the somewhat shorter length, but hubby really liked the longer length.

So there you go.  A crochet post at last!  {Heehee}  What are you working on this week?

Blessings, Dear Ones!


crochet fingerless gloves for Mary1 border

crochet yarn 4 ply


Birthday bouquet 2013

A beautiful surprise!

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A Pattern A Day *Interrupted* And A Secret Revealed

Hi Friends, Today I am going to change things up a little bit.  First, this:

I am SUPER EXCITED about my latest knit & crochet fingerless gloves! I’ve been having so much fun coming up with the pattern and making these {see below}!  Let me just stop right here and say that, sadly, I am not a great knitter.  I don’t get it.  I constantly drop stitches, I can’t figure out the beyond beginner patterns, and it doesn’t feel natural…or fun.   Whereas crochet, for me, is like riding a bike.  I learned as a young person and I just get crochet.   And it feels right.  But I love the beauty of both knit and crochet pieces.  So here’s my new secret…{ready!?}… I purchased an Addi Express circular knitting machine {the small one}! Seriously.  I am in love!  I found mine on eBay and saved about $80 to $100 from the prices I was seeing everywhere else.  Of course eBay is hit and miss, but it was the right price at the right time.  I used some of my earnings from my Etsy shop and went for it.  Seriously.  In love!  Youtube it.  Google it.  So much fun!  My next step will be to take some more Etsy-ready photos and list them in my shop. {But the first purple pair are for a friend’s birthday.} 🙂


I used the Addi Express for the knitted section and hand crocheted the rest. So much fun!

addi express

The game changer: Addi Express {small}.

And because you are probably expecting a crochet pattern post again today, check out the caption to this picture.  I think you’ll like it.


Click image to go to Woman’s Day “Our 20 Favorite Crochet Sites”. Great resource!

So what are you creating that you are excited about?  Share the love, if you have time.   Blessings from Alaska!  Jackie

P.S.  But wait!  There’s more!  Check out these 3 youtube channels for some excellent crochet tutorials:
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