Happy New Year! And A New Crochet Pattern! :)

This week from our window.

This week from our window.

Hi Friends!

We continue to enjoy the holidays with dear son on Christmas break from school.  We have been playing Settlers of Catan quite a bit in the evenings and absolutely love it!

Settlers Carl & Keaton

Also, in the last few days I’ve been working on crocheting, photographing, writing and publishing my latest pattern:  Highland Beauty Crochet Headband with Flower.  Yay!  As always, it seems that I need to get better photos for my Etsy listing (would like to get some outside shots with dear daughter), but they are adequate to publish for now.

Click on photo for pattern listing.

Click on photo for pattern listing.

front view A

Tonight will be pretty low key.  We often times get together with a certain family and play games, but that didn’t work out for tonight so we will go to dinner, play some games here at the house and watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” with dear son who ALWAYS watches that movie on New Year’s Eve as part of his holiday tradition.  🙂  Dear daughter will be out with friends and having fun too.

I hope that you have a very blessed New Year!  And thanks for being a special part of a wonderful community of blog friends in 2013.