Monday, Monday…

…as the old song goes. 🙂

Hi Friends!

Not sure why it’s taken so long to write, but here we are.  My past few days have been filled with work, special family times, crochet projects, early Thanksgiving dinner with my family and parents at our house (since dear hubby will not be here on Thursday), attending opening night of the community theatre play dear son is in (so much fun!), church, brunch yesterday with family and then a fun mother-daughter outing, … and just being thankful.

Here are a few photos from this week.  I will try to add a couple more when I get some others downloaded.

Happy Monday, dear ones.




An order this week.

A recent addition to my shop.  Product and pattern.

A recent addition to my shop. Product and pattern.

On our outing yesterday...yummy Parisian macaroons.

On our outing yesterday…yummy Parisian macaroons.

After opening night.  Dear son did great!  :)  Hoping to get a picture of him in costume as well.

After opening night. He did great! 🙂 Hoping to get a picture of him in costume as well.

High & Low

blog - boot cuff patternHi Friends,

High point (at least one of them): This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday I sold 4 to 5 patterns a day. Wow! What a blessing! I keep getting sales everyday, but those were my high days. 🙂

Low point: Recently took my car in to get fixed 2 weeks in a row and the total has cost approximately $2500. Not fun. The low point came today when it was discovered that the same issue (coolant draining out of my car) that was suppose to be fixed the second week, is happening again. Ugh. Kinda took the wind out of my sails. Hubby gets back tomorrow from his out of town job so he will “take it from here.” I just want this to be over. Will try to focus on “this too shall pass.”

Well, gotta hush and mush and do a little more tidying of the nest before hubby gets home. 🙂 Hope you have a great Monday!



Crochet Hodgepodge



A fun and rewarding experiment with this yarn!

Autumn Beauty!


Another cup cozy order on it’s way!

crochet fingerless gloves - charlotte's yarn

Crocheted 3 pairs of these gloves this week in black, purple, and light blue. Didn’t get a good photo of any of them!

crochet 2 in 1 - first

Adding these to post this afternoon. Just remembered that I also crocheted these this week. 2 in 1 boot cuffs. 🙂

Hi Friends,

I didn’t get a good picture of all my projects this week, but here are a few that I had fun with! This little heart was especially rewarding (it’s the small things) because I was never quite sure what to do with this particular “yarn”. Have you used it before? What have you made with it?

I would love to stay and chat some more, but I have to get it in gear since I need to run to the post office before it closes for the day.

I will check in again soon, though.

Happy Saturday!



P.S.  You can click on “little heart” or HERE and reach the pattern.  The only thing I did differently was to use a magic circle instead of ch4 at the beginning.  I then did 4 tr instead of 3 to start.  Continue on as described in pattern. (All stitches are either stitched into the 1st chain of ch4 or the magic circle.)

Also, click HERE for shop listings.

And The Winner Is…

Hi Friends,

My give-away game ended last night with the announcement of the big winner on my Facebook page.  🙂 Ms. Stephanie B. won the Fingerless Gloves!  Yay Stephanie!  I asked each participant to comment on which item in my shop they liked best and it looks like the one that got the most votes was the listing for the FANtastic Boot Cuffs.  Second runner up were the fingerless gloves.  I really appreciate that feedback.  And it is kinda funny that I didn’t even know about boot cuffs before I opened my shop last year.  🙂  Coincidentally, today I am finishing up an order for a pair and sending them on their way across the country.  What fun!

Thanks to all who played and shared their kind and valuable feedback!




FANtastic Boot Cuffs in Barley Brown.