My Soft & Sweet Wednesday View


Hi Friends,

Today I crocheted this soft and sweet baby hat.  Isn’t that a yummy color combination?  A friend/customer requested yellow and gray, but there was no yellow to be had so I showed her the “squash” colored yarn and she loved it.    It is so soft!  And I can just imagine that her little man will look adorable in it.  (The button looks more burgundy here, but it is more of a brown tone.)

And I wanted to report back on my first teaching assignment.  🙂  The “crochet class” last night went really well.  These ladies picked it up quick!  There were the usual tension issues, but they were remarkably well with the mechanics of the stitches and even their tension improved from the beginning to the end of the session.  There were a few missed stitches here and there, but overall I give all 3 students an A+.  And they were a bunch of fun too!  Lots of laughter mixed with crochet:  You can’t beat that!  But did I get any pictures?  Who had time?!  Lol.

Tonight I am helping dear daughter with her mermaid outfit when she gets back from exercising 🙂 and I also need to make more pecan treats for dear son (since I ate the leftovers at work today-oops).   So, yes, the pecan treats were good.  Just be sure and follow the update that I added to the recipe.

Well, I guess I better hush and mush…as in dog mush – Alaska term – see what I did there?  😉



Bearded Son Fun

bearded beanieHi Friends!

I’m sure you’ve seen these fun bearded beanies before. This was a gift for my son last year and he loved it.  He says it keeps his face nice and warm {in our Alaskan winters}.  I made a few more for local folks at Christmas time, but I have found that they really need to be fitted to each person so I don’t sell them in my shop at present.

Have you made a fun hat lately? What kind was it? Share the love, if you have time. 🙂



The Power of Crochet

Today we had the best staff meeting at the church where I work! One of our men on staff recently became a proud father for the 4th time so we threw a baby shower for his sweet little son. Isn’t he precious?! Many adorable outfits and other gifts were given, as well as the much needed diapers & wipes. It was so fun to watch this couple joyfully receive their bounty. But what really surprised me was the fuss that was made over 2 little baby beanies I had made and given to them. It was a simple double crochet pattern, but you would have thought I had made the most amazing things. So sweet and funny at the same time. Isn’t it exciting that handmade crochet items can bring so much pleasure? I guess that is the power of crochet. Joyfully, Jackie


A sweet little Blessing in the arms of our senior pastor.