Snow Country Cup Cozies


Hi Friends,

Here is my latest crochet endeavor:  Snow Country Cup Cozies. 🙂  I had fun creating these this weekend using my Addi Express knitting machine and then hand crocheting both edges. What have you been working on?  I’d love to hear.

This morning was -2 degrees F.  My car did not want to warm up!  It finally did though and I was thankful for that.

With the extreme cold comes extreme beauty here in the Last Frontier:  Crystal blue skies, glistening white snow and majestic mountains.  Breathtaking really.  I will try to get some photos this week if possible.

Blessings all!



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15 thoughts on “Snow Country Cup Cozies

  1. Cute cup warmers. I am working on my Christmas cards today. Too cold for me where you are! Not looking forward to winter, but I am looking forward to seeing your winter pictures. You describe them so beautifully.

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