Monday Evening Project

Hi Friends,

It’s been a peaceful evening.  Worked on this headband tonight.  Now I need to go back and write down what I did.  Lol!  Not sure I will use dark gray in the finished product.  Need to play around with some colors.  I like the snowflake idea with this headband instead of a flower.  First time using one.

Well, I guess I will “fly up with the chickens” as my mama use to say.  🙂

Hope you had a nice evening too.



Note:  Poor picture quality, but at least it’s still viewable. 🙂


Monday, Monday…

…as the old song goes. 🙂

Hi Friends!

Not sure why it’s taken so long to write, but here we are.  My past few days have been filled with work, special family times, crochet projects, early Thanksgiving dinner with my family and parents at our house (since dear hubby will not be here on Thursday), attending opening night of the community theatre play dear son is in (so much fun!), church, brunch yesterday with family and then a fun mother-daughter outing, … and just being thankful.

Here are a few photos from this week.  I will try to add a couple more when I get some others downloaded.

Happy Monday, dear ones.




An order this week.

A recent addition to my shop.  Product and pattern.

A recent addition to my shop. Product and pattern.

On our outing yesterday...yummy Parisian macaroons.

On our outing yesterday…yummy Parisian macaroons.

After opening night.  Dear son did great!  :)  Hoping to get a picture of him in costume as well.

After opening night. He did great! 🙂 Hoping to get a picture of him in costume as well.

Snow Country Cup Cozies


Hi Friends,

Here is my latest crochet endeavor:  Snow Country Cup Cozies. 🙂  I had fun creating these this weekend using my Addi Express knitting machine and then hand crocheting both edges. What have you been working on?  I’d love to hear.

This morning was -2 degrees F.  My car did not want to warm up!  It finally did though and I was thankful for that.

With the extreme cold comes extreme beauty here in the Last Frontier:  Crystal blue skies, glistening white snow and majestic mountains.  Breathtaking really.  I will try to get some photos this week if possible.

Blessings all!



Click HERE for cup cozy shop listing.

Weekend Recap

Hi Friends,

My 3 day weekend was relaxing, fun and productive.  Here are some quick highlights and a few photos:

Friday –

  • Lunch with a dear friend at our fave Japanese Restaurant.
  • Shopping at a fun gift shop
  • More time crocheting

Saturday –

  • Relaxing morning {fire in the wood stove, banana muffins, Christmas music}
  • Productive afternoon {lunch with dear daughter; then shopping and packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes)
  • Fun Evening {Hubby and I were invited to dinner where we had a lovely visit, ate a yummy salmon meal and played dominoes}

Sunday –

  • Morning – church at home because dear son wasn’t feeling too good.  It  was very special to have all 4 of us sharing prayer requests and praying for each other; listening to the Bible together; taking communion together, etc.
  • Afternoon – each of us went our separate ways for awhile.  I did some more crocheting and a little laundry & housework.
  • Evening – the family went to a new restaurant and had a nice time.

And now for some photos:

Part of Friday's lunch.  Yum.

Part of Friday’s lunch. Yum.

At the gift shop.

At the gift shop.




Saturday morning sunrise over the mountains.  Amazing!

Saturday morning sunrise over the mountains. Amazing!

Decided to make this "Sparkly Snow Crochet Cup Cozy" too.

Decided to make this “Sparkly Snow Crochet Cup Cozy” too.

Dear daughter and our filled shoeboxes.  Click on this photo for information on this awesome ministry.

Dear daughter with the filled shoeboxes. Click on this photo for information on this awesome ministry.

It was a blessed weekend for sure!

I hope you have a great week.  Thanks for stopping by!

Joyfully, Jackie

More Ideas Than Time…



Hi Friends,

I have been working on this project for a couple of days and I think I am done for now.  Lol!  I started out thinking I was making a chunky neck warmer with a couple of large buttons, but then this whole hood idea came upon me.  I’m starting to see them more and more.  This one is so soft, and thick and warm around my head and neck.  I really love wearing it.  It’s not for me though.  It would completely wash me out.  Maybe I will make myself a black one.  🙂  I will list this one in my shop and see if I get any bites.  I may offer it as a pattern as well.

I am planning on taking some more photos in natural light tomorrow. {*Photos are now updated.}  I will also try to get a live model soon.  But for now “Milly” will have to do.  🙂

I am also finishing another boot cuff design and pattern and I hope to have that completed tomorrow.  Hurray for being able to take some time and work on “product development”!  Just don’t ask me if my dishes are done!

Happy Friday!



And Suddenly It’s Winter!

Hi Friends,

This past weekend it quickly went from Autumn and green grass to winter white and warm coat weather!  You can see by the 2 beautiful evergreens outside my living room window what I mean.  It truly is lovely so I will not complain…yet.  😉

snow trees

I’ve been pleasantly occupied this week with work, crochet, watching my son’s school play (he did great in one of the lead roles!), keeping warm by the wood stove and enjoying some evening family time.

Something jogged my memory recently so I thought I would share this little treasure:

When the kids were smaller we use to listen to The Cinnamon Bear radio show every night (on our computer) starting right after Thanksgiving up to the last episode on Christmas Eve. It was recorded way back in 1937 and I can just imagine families back then sitting around the radio attentively listening to this cute, quaint, silly little program.  It’s a really fun little story with each episode lasting about 12 minutes long.  Lately I find that I am listening to an episode here and there while I crochet.  Brings back great memories of family time with “Judy, Jimmy and The Cinnamon Bear!”

If you’re interested, the link below will take you to all the episodes on


Here are a few more photos to round out this blog post.  🙂

Cozy Molly.  {She needs some grooming TLC!}

Cozy Molly. {She needs some grooming TLC!}

I decided to flip my quilt over and add this Thanksgiving table runner and another one on the dining table with the same candle centerpiece.

I decided to flip my quilt over and add this Thanksgiving table runner and another one on the dining table with the same candle centerpiece.

Dear daughter had oral surgery and her work gave her this beautiful orchid plant.  So sweet.

Dear daughter had oral surgery and her work gave her this
beautiful orchid plant. So sweet.

One of my crochet projects - the white chevron yarn has pretty silver thread mixed in.  Wish is photographed better.

One of my crochet projects – the white chevron yarn has pretty silver thread mixed in. Wish it photographed better.

Blessings all!



A Feast for the Eyes!


Hi Friends,

There’s a shop downtown that I love to visit around the holidays!  It’s called Kimball’s (aka The Kobuk).  HERE is a little history on it that I just dug up, in case you are interested. 🙂 The document says that the store closed in 2002.  However, it reopened as The Kobuk – specializing in gifts, treats and fine teas.

Well, today was my first “holiday” visit of the year.  They have a little corner dedicated to Thanksgiving with some lovely items, and a large part of the store dedicated to Christmas goodies of all sorts. Heaven.  They also carry many varieties of yummy teas and tea accessories.  Better and better.  Today I came away with a super cute hat {to go with my new, oh-so-warm coat} and a Christmas pin that reads ‘JOY’ {of course}.  🙂

Here is the pictorial tour for your viewing pleasure.   {Photos were taken with my phone camera.  Some are slightly out of focus, but they still capture the surroundings.}  A definite feast for the eyes!  Enjoy!















A Fun Felt Ball Garland DIY


Hi Friends,

Plenty of things going on this week!  Hubby got home from his out of town job – yay!, car went back in and out of the shop, crocheting and working on another pattern, dental appointments and dear daughter getting all 4 wisdom teeth extracted – ouch!, and the normal stuff like work, errands, cooking, etc.

Today I snooped around on Etsy and Pinterest looking for ideas and DIY tutorials for wool felted acorns, crocheted snowflakes and such.  A feast for the eyes to be sure!

I decided to highlight one of my finds:  How to make a felt ball garland.  Click on the picture to get to the original post.  Isn’t it joyous?!  I love it and now I may just have to try it.  🙂

Is there anything artsy or craftsy you are thinking of trying for the first time?  If so, please share.

Have a great weekend!



Sew Fun!


Click image to see Amazon listing.

Hi Friends,

This past week, while trying to help dear daughter sew a really cool mermaid outfit that she found on Youtube, my Singer gave up the ghost.  It lasted just long enough to be helpful and then it was gone.  (I wonder if someone will say that about me someday – lol!)  It was given to me 18 years ago by my sweet hubby.   It was a fancy, refurbished machine and it was time to let it go.

So, since I have some money from my crochet sales, I decided to go shopping today from the comfort of my home office.  I don’t sew enough to be really into the top machines.  Just need one that will be reliable and do the job when I want to do craft sewing and a little quilting. I found this lovely Singer, pictured above, on Amazon.  It was at a price point I could manage, it had great reviews, AND free shipping!  So I purchased it.  Yay!  Can’t wait to receive it and try it out!

Do you sew?  What kind of sewing do you do?  I’d love to hear.



Design Inspirations | Design a Thanksgiving Table with Burlap

Hi Friends, This is such a lovely table setting! Thought I would share it with you. Burlap has come a long way! 🙂 Blessings, Jackie

Corinne Gail Interior Design

Hard to believe we are talking holidays already with Thanksgiving just around the corner!  We are seeing lots and lots of burlap used in home accents from table tops to pillows and more. . .Take a look at a few beautiful burlap Thanksgiving tablescapes to help inspire your own holiday creations.

country livingthehighheeledhostess

From simplistic charm to elegant dining…burlap sets the perfect Thanksgiving stage.

confusions of a plate addict

Style your tablescape with burlap!

Design in Layers.  Layer your table with linens…Use a neutral table-cloth for the base.  This allows freedom to embellish the table top with many different textures, colors, and patterns.  Incorporate a burlap table runner to add a natural element and interesting texture to your tablescape.

Accents are key. Select cloth napkins that add a festive pop of color and pattern.

Purchasing a set of themed salad plates to coordinate with your existing place settings is an inexpensive way to add…

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