Thursday Fun!

Hi Friends,

It was just too good to be true!  Cute little (and big) children came to my door tonight all smiles and happy to be dressed up and receiving candy.  🙂 Most of them even said thank you.

I added a bonus gift to their treat bags: A bookmark with an amazing truth on it and an invite to join me at church where we have “great kids and youth programs”. Well, Jesus IS the sweetest gift.  And I wasn’t sure if they knew that or not.

I love this night where I get to love on my neighbors by being friendly, giving them treats and oohing and aahing over their cute or cool outfits!

What fun things did you do today?



trick or treat 1


4 thoughts on “Thursday Fun!

  1. Love the sweet message of Jesus. I praise God I do not live in town an my neighbors all do not do Halloween. I missed the whole thing again this year, except for the bloody , horrible Zombie festival in the town where I work. I can’t get around that, since the police is blocking off the roads.

  2. What a wonderful and creative idea for Halloween. We used to do a haunted house at church with our youth group, but it really never attracted any extras. I wonder what that says about our welcoming skills. Yikes. Glad you were able to have a great time.

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