Two Crochet {Toys} Tools: A Review


Hi Friends,

Recently I ordered and received a couple of crochet toys tools.  Today I was able to try them out while crocheting a cup cozy order.   Here is my review on each.  {You can read more by clicking on the product name and reading about it on the listing.}

The Boye Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Hook Handle:

Product Description – “…Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Handle. Use this tool to get a better handle on a crochet hook while working on any project! It fits all hook sizes from B/2mm to K/6.5mm. This package contains one 4-1/2 inch long handle with eight washers in assorted sizes. Imported.”

The Pros – Felt surprisingly comfortable in my hand, was easy to get use to, has washer inserts for each common size crochet hook, felt no strain on hand while using.

The Cons – Not much except that the part of the crochet hook that was inside the handle rattled a little when using it, so I wrapped a little tissue paper around it and closed it up and that solved the problem.  Also, this handle may not work with everyone’s crocheting style, but it does work with mine.

Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant, Antique Silver:

Product Description – “Yarn can be cut using any of the grooves. Rotary cutting blade is integrated with pendant, making it safe to use.”

Pros – It worked well and was very handy to wear around my neck.

Cons – When finishing off a crochet piece by weaving in the yarn ends, you may like using a pair of scissors better to snip as close as you want to the end of the yarn.  It wasn’t an issue for this project, but I could see where it might be in some cases.

Needless to say, it is fun having some new toys tools to use while crocheting.  🙂

What are your favorites?





20 thoughts on “Two Crochet {Toys} Tools: A Review

  1. Maybe it’s because of the way I hold my hook, but that ergonomic one looks very clunky and uncomfortable to me, I’ve been a knitter longer than a crocheter and sort of hold my hook like a knitting needle!

  2. The hook holder doesn’t sound too good but the yarn cutter not only looks stylish but is extremely useful and easier than carrying scissors. great if doing colour work.

    • Hi Jill, I would have never thought to purchase the hook handle but an employee at Joann’s and an avid crocheter said that she swears by it as a hand saver. I do a lot of business over the holidays and my hand got pretty sore last year so I am going to put it through the test. And the yarn cutter is coming in very handy. And I like the look of it too. Blessings! 🙂

  3. Thank you for the review of the crochet hook set. Walmart carries them. I already have the provo craft interchangeable crochet hook set and saw that and wondered about it. Now I will buy it for a back up.

  4. I bought the yarn cutter pendant a while back, sooo cute. I often crochet on the go and though this was handier then scissors. STRONG word of advice, don’t wear it in the car! It got caught on my seat belt and cut 1/4 way through it, this sucker is sharp!

  5. Not sure about the cutter as I have some nifty scissors. As for the crochet hook handle I don’t know that it would work for me as I have been a crocheter (on and off) for over 50 years and just love my hooks as they are. But thank you for the review.

  6. I’ll be passing on the info about the ergonomically designed hook to people who suffer with crochet related repetitive strain (hope we can get them in the UK). My favourite ‘tool’ is a roughly glued together Roman pot that a friend gave me and I use as a yarn holder. Its not pretty but it certainly has history!

  7. Hi Jackie! I’m considering buying the handle and I’m curious as to whether it stood the test of more work? Would you still recommend it now, almost a year later? 🙂
    TIA, Majken.

    • HI Majken, I’m sorry for the delay in answering! I haven’t been very attentive to my blog this summer. I haven’t used it a whole lot (seems I gravitate toward more traditional crochet hooks), but I believe it is pretty sturdy and up to the challenge. Blessings!

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