A Very Important Family Member!




Hi Friends,

I haven’t talked much yet about a very important member of our immediate family – Molly the Wonderdog! She is the sweetest little thing you’d ever want to know! We almost lost her last November, but she had emergency surgery and made it through.

We know what it is to lose a beloved pet and the very real pain and loss you feel afterwards. So we are hoping to have sweet little Molly for a long time yet.

We started calling her Molly *the Wonderdog* after she went on an all day hike with dear hubby up a mountain and back. Here is a picture of her at the top looking down. She was higher up than the clouds!

Dear daughter loved our previous dog, Gabby, so much that when she passed, she prayed for over a year for another black, female, miniature schnauzer. So when I found Molly online in Oregon, we talked it over and dear daughter said she would pay half of the hefty price for her – a big chunk of money for a 14 year old! The whole family agrees that she was worth it…and even more!

Do you have a precious pet that is part of your family? If so, I’d love to hear.




Molly the Wonderdog!