Hi Friends,

In between attending dear son’s big race last weekend, I got to go to an awesome women’s retreat at the Alyeska Prince Hotel with our church. We had fun gabbing, relaxing, eating and listening to a great speaker named Judy Reamer ( Here is a short synopsis from her website of what she spoke on:

Don’t Juggle Your Junk (series)

Have you checked your “spiritual junk drawer” lately? Do you find it too much like your kitchen junk drawer at home – filled with various items you are not quite sure what to do with? Many of us have an abundance of JUNK cluttering our spiritual lives. What do you do with stress, confusion, fear, bad habits, or things that seem out of your control? These kinds of spiritual clutter can cripple vital relationships with God and others. In this dynamic series, Judy Reamer shares her humorous and insightful “Parable of the Kitchen Junk Drawer” to help discover and eliminate unwanted spiritual junk. The aim of this series is a simplified, submitted life.

It was time well spent!




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