First Snow

snow - 1st snow 2013

Snowflakes dance around.
I stick out my tongue and taste
The sweet joy of youth.

-Heidi Bitsoli

snow - 1st snow fall 2013

Hi Friends,

Today we had our first snow. It didn’t fall everywhere in town, but it was here at my little house. I’m sure it is melted by now {I’m on the other side of town right now where it didn’t snow}, but it is a reminder of what is to come…and stay for awhile.

I love the brightness and freshness of the snow {much more than the gray of a rainy winter}, but the length of our snow season can be wearisome come Springtime.

Regardless, it is coming and I am ready. I’ve got yarn and a toasty warm wood stove. 🙂

Blessings with joy,



22 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Snow! I am so not looking forward to snow, but we get it here in Michigan. I just want to become a hermit this winter and cross stitch, knit and snuggle under a blanket 🙂

  2. Yes, I am trying to brace myself for another long, rainy winter here on the West Coast. I have developed a habit of looking past Christmas time because it starts to turn to spring very slowly after that here. And its great being able to go out and walk all year without all the gear. I grew up on the prairies and I hate to say it but I would not want to go back! Love your pics!

    • Hi Yolanda! We moved away from the rainy northwest, but still love to visit our family there when we can. We found that we like the snow better. My husband took up cross country skate skiing and absolutely loves it! I need to give it a try. Blessings!

  3. Wow. Still in the 80’s here. I’m sure you’ll be ready for that “holiday” swap soon…if could use some gorgeous and serene landscape. So maybe I’m the one who wants that swap! 😁

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