Moose on the Loose

Hi Friends,

Today is a gorgeous Autumn day and there is nothing but blue sky.  So lovely!  I am hoping to go out and take some photos this week of our Fall foliage.  We actually have a very beautiful Fall season in Southcentral Alaska (although it goes by quickly) and I definitely want to capture some of it.

Today I am posting some pictures of the past in which we had a special visitor.  We often times have moose in the neighborhood and we are quite use to it, but we still love to gawk and wonder at them.  🙂

Do you have any wandering wildlife where you live?  Do tell.

Have a great week!







This one isn’t very big, but he still looks pretty cool, in my opinion.


28 thoughts on “Moose on the Loose

  1. So the opening credits of “Northern Exposure” were true for Alaska! LOL!

    At our home in Alberta we live just across the street from a wildlife corridor that runs through the city so we get : moose, deer, porcupines, fox, coyotes, skunks plus the squirrels that have taken up residence in our garage. The squirrels are a nightmare, but we have been lucky compared to neighbors down the street who had to replace a roof, siding and a deck due to a squirrel infestation…….worst part is the lady who lives next door to them actively feeds the squirrels……let’s just say they are unimpressed with their neighbor.

    At our cabin we add frogs into the mix and a massive range of birds including herons, owls and pelicans. Rumour is cougars too but no personal experience there.

    At our place on the coast it is deer, raccoons (yes another “problem” critter) plus soaring bald eagles. I think we have a nest nearby as they are always over our yard.

    ………also, do my 5 children count as wandering wildlife! LOL!

    (wow, that was an essay!)

    • Hi Deb,

      Lol! I love it.

      Boy, you have quite a variety of wildlife (including the 5 children)! 😉

      We also have eagles on occasion (and other birds) and we saw a black bear walking down the middle of the street one time until he took a right turn and loped over the neighbors fence. We have also had “evidence” of other bear visitations, but that is the only one I’ve ever actually seen and it’s pretty rare – thankfully!

      Blessings and thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh I love that you can have a moose wandering around your street! I live on the edge of a city in the south of France, we have a family of hedgehogs in the garden, lots of lizards, squirrels (although they are not such pests as they seem to be in your neck of the woods!), and I have seen some (non-poisonous) snakes. My partner’s family live an hour away in the country and they have all sorts of wildlife around them, including wild boars that try to eat their vegetables!

  3. Hi there,
    Lovely to see. Even though I live in SA, Johannesburg, the most I get is bird life and we once had the occasional squirrel. I do see bats in the early evenings, just before sunset.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Awesome shot and one that does inspire. Here in Okotoks, Alberta we have a lot of mule deer. I remember when we first moved from the UK to town, some 4 1/2 years ago now. We had rented an apartment just in the old downtown area. It was February, so it got dark fairly early in the evening. We had just sat down for dinner at around 5pm when I noticed a herd of mule deer walking down the road just outside of our apartment. I mentioned it to my husband and daughter, who both thought I was having them on. Needless to say we all rushed onto the balcony, camera in hand, to take photos of what we thought was a special happening. Within our first few months of living in town we realised that this was fairly normal.However, to this day it still excites me to see these beautiful animals so close on an almost daily basis.

  5. Hi Jackie, moose are so beautiful. They’re one of my favorite Alaskan animals along with the bears (both brown and grizzlie) and caribou. The closest to wildlife that I encounter on a daily basis would be the gofers in the back yard. Though there are coyotes, black bears and mountain lions near our area but seeing them around often would be rare. Have a blessed week!

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