Friday’s Fun View


Hi Friends,

Last night I treated my son to dinner at Ray’s Place Vietnamese Restaurant (another Ray’s that I love!).  It was delicious as always!  And it’s always special to take my kids out for some one on one conversation, especially as they are older now and on the go a lot.  We had some light hearted conversation and also some meaningful conversation.  Both did my heart good.

Once we finished up there, we decided that a trip to Barnes & Noble sounded like a good plan so off we went.  I perused several books, but didn’t get anything (even though I received a gift card for my birthday from a sweet 80+ year old lady that volunteers at church in my department – so precious).  I did snap a picture of these two books though as I may have to acquire them at some point.  🙂

The “spinning” book got me to thinking:  Do any of you spin your own yarn?  If so, I would love to hear about your experience with it.  Or maybe you’ve blogged about it and I could read your post.   Do tell.

It was definitely a fun evening spent with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.





4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun View

  1. I have dabbled with spinning my own yarn, but haven’t actually made any proper yarn yet. I just love the idea of making my own yarn, and my experience so far with spinning on a spindle is really relaxing and fun. I’m ready to ply my first yarn together, so I’ll try to do it this week and see how it goes, and then blog about it to share my success/failure. 🙂

    I’ve heard that The Intentional Spinner is a very helpful resource for more experienced spinners, but there are some better resources for fresh beginners. Also check out Spin Off Magazine for inspiration!

    • Hi Malika! I’m so glad you stopped by! That is pretty nifty that you have done some spinning. I will definitely love reading about your adventures possibly this week. And thanks for the tips about the book and other resources. Blessings!

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