Farewell to Fireweed…and Summer


Hi Friends,

Does fireweed mark time where you live?  It definitely does here in Alaska.

I love a landscape filled with fireweed blooms. They are so beautiful and in one of my favorite colors.  Once it blooms here in the summer, it is truly lovely…but we keep watch:

How far are the blooms down the stem now?
The top blooms are starting to fade away…
Now there are barely any blooms left…
Summer is almost over…

Here we are at the beginning of September and summer is a wonderful memory. The fireweed is all bloomed out except for a few rogue flowers that seem to be rebelling against the passing of time. They, too, will be gone soon.

I love Fall and the unique beauty and routine it brings. But I will miss the vibrant colors of summer, the easier pace, the warmth, and the splendid {albeit time-marking} fireweed flowers.

Have a blessed Labor Day {& Autumn}!




FireweedLake Hood 1

Seward Hwy 2013 a



11 thoughts on “Farewell to Fireweed…and Summer

  1. The photo of you in front of the Seward Marina caught our eye. We spend our summers there. Up here in Point Hope, the tundra has turned gold. Frost this morning (it was beautiful), and snow stuck to the ground twice last week. Yep, winter’s coming!

    • Welcome! So glad you stopped in. We absolutely love going to Seward in the summer. Sounds cold up in Point Hope already. My son just got back from a cross country running meet in Barrow and he mentioned that it was snowing in Deadhorse when they went through. Not ready for the white stuff here yet. 🙂 Blessings!

  2. The fireweed is beautiful!! I love your Alaska photos and it gives me a yearning to come back again!! Have a wonderful September!! Our air is starting to show signs of fall crispness

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  4. Wow! I am so happy you found my post so I could LOVE your blog! My best girlfriend crotchets. I just asked her to teach me. These photos from your home are simply amazing! I would do a “The Holiday” type exchange with you anyday! The northern Gulf Coast of Florida won’t see a sweatshirt or scarf until MAYBE November. Can’t wait to see more of your blog!

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