WIP & What a Day!

Hi Friends!

Is this day almost over??  This has been one crazy day: Up, down, and all around exhausting!  But ultimately, it has been a blessed day.  God is good.

Car trouble – but everyone is okay.

My sweet young single-mom friend flying out with her two little ones tonight and totally stressed out and not ready – but God giving me the opportunity to minister to her in a helpful way.  I love that young lady!

A hubby who is getting ready for a trip – and yet, had flowers delivered to my work for an early birthday surprise.  Totally unexpected and precious!

Having a neck strain / headache – but at a manageable level.

Yes, God is so good.


And now my WIP {work in progress}: Another pair of knit & crochet fingerless gloves. They are actually in the very last stages of getting done.  I just have to weave in the ends and then wrap it in pretty tissue paper and send it on it’s way tomorrow.  It is a gift for a gal my husband works with.  She works tirelessly, so we thought we’d surprise her.

I found this beautiful plied yarn at the Seward yarn shop on our overnighter this week.  I decided to make the fingerless gloves a little longer this time and finish both the top and bottom edges with crochet {the center is knit -knitted?- on an Addi Express machine}.  Personally, I think I like the somewhat shorter length, but hubby really liked the longer length.

So there you go.  A crochet post at last!  {Heehee}  What are you working on this week?

Blessings, Dear Ones!


crochet fingerless gloves for Mary1 border

crochet yarn 4 ply


Birthday bouquet 2013

A beautiful surprise!

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4 thoughts on “WIP & What a Day!

  1. I love your blog! I’m so glad you stopped by at my art blog , so I could find you. Your header picture is gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, but probably never will… 😦 So many places to go, so many things to do…well, you never know.

    Love your fingerless gloves. I’ll have to try it sometime. Right now I’m working on a crocheted Market Bag…so fun!

    I also love your daily Bible devotion box on the sidebar. Didn’t know you could do this. I’ll have to figure out how to add one to mine.

    • Welcome and thank you for your lovely comment!

      I hope you do get to visit Alaska someday, and in the meantime I will try to keep you in pictures. 🙂

      Your market bag does sound fun.

      Also, glad you loved the devotion on my sidebar.


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