Healthy Spaghetti?

Hi Friends,

I think I may have created a healthier spaghetti option tonight for my dinner.  The family had the traditional noodles while I substituted white sweet potato “noodles” instead.  We also used bison ground beef.  So my meal, pictured below, was made of  the following ingredients:

1/2 white sweet potato (made into noodles with the fancy gadget you’ll see in the picture) steamed in  a small amount of water.

1/4 C prepared spaghetti sauce (I cheated)

1/4 C cooked bison ground beef (I sprinkled basil and garlic powder on the meat while cooking)

Mix all ingredients together.  Bon Appétit! 🙂


It was delicious! Yay!




Here’s to our healthy choices, Jackie


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