Whittier Wonderland

Hi Friends,

Tonight I am posting about Alaska to balance out my recent crochet posts.  🙂  Back in May we took a day trip over to Whittier with my brother who was up visiting from the Northwest.  Our daughter was working so it was our family -1 and “Uncle B”.  It was a glorious day.  It was sooo sunny, which was a welcome sight because we had just had a huge late Spring snow storm 4 days earlier.  The snow had melted on the ground in just 4 days, but the mountains were still beautifully flocked.  We had a great time sightseeing and eating some amazing fish and chips!  I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Blessings with joy, Jackie

On our way!

On our way!

Carl and Molly.  Waiting for our ride through the one way tunnel into Whittier.

Mr. & Molly – Waiting for our ride through the one way tunnel into Whittier.

Making another cairn.

Making another cairn.


Delicious fish and chips!

Delicious fish and chips!


Two fun guys!

Two fun guys!

My sweetie and I.

My sweetie and I.

YUM-O!  Happy Uncle B.

YUM-O! Happy Uncle B.





It was a successful adventure!

Click on pictures to enlarge.


5 thoughts on “Whittier Wonderland

  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. My brother was in Alaska in June. He is upset that it took so long before he made a visit. He keeps talking about selling out and moving. Not sure if the bug to go will be real or just a phase. Sure looks beautiful from your pictures.

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