The Power of Crochet

Today we had the best staff meeting at the church where I work! One of our men on staff recently became a proud father for the 4th time so we threw a baby shower for his sweet little son. Isn’t he precious?! Many adorable outfits and other gifts were given, as well as the much needed diapers & wipes. It was so fun to watch this couple joyfully receive their bounty. But what really surprised me was the fuss that was made over 2 little baby beanies I had made and given to them. It was a simple double crochet pattern, but you would have thought I had made the most amazing things. So sweet and funny at the same time. Isn’t it exciting that handmade crochet items can bring so much pleasure? I guess that is the power of crochet. Joyfully, Jackie


A sweet little Blessing in the arms of our senior pastor.


4 thoughts on “The Power of Crochet

  1. Hi! Visiting from Etsians of Facebook blog thread. Love your blog and your Etsy shop! I really want to visit Alaska someday! Following you via Pinterest. The baby is so cute and so is the beanie….love the colors!

    • Hi Anne Marie, thank you so much for your nice comments and how fun that you are following me on Pinterest. I hope you can visit Alaska someday. You won’t be disappointed. When I am back on my computer I will check out your blog. 🙂 Blessings, Jackie

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