Crochet Resources for Beginners & Wannabees…

What fun you can have creating when you know how to crochet!

I receive so much joy from crocheting! It makes me wish that I could share the how-tos with everyone!  I don’t consider myself an expert by any means, but I have just enough knowledge and skill to produce some lovely things.  {Don’t tell anyone, but there are still some patterns I can’t figure out.}  This post is my attempt to bring you the information needed to get you started on your road to crochet happiness!

If you are someone that admires beautiful crochet creations and wishes you had the knowledge to do it too, keep reading!

First, obtain a skein of 100% acrylic yarn in worsted weight {the tutorial suggests a medium color} and an aluminum crochet hook – size H.

…Got it? Okay!  Let’s get started!

Begin here with this “How to Crochet – Part 1” video.  Keep in mind that it can take a lot of practice at first {and for awhile.}

Then watch this “How to Crochet – Part 2” video.  This video builds on the last one and teaches some more of the basic stitches that you will use all the time!

For more information about crocheting, YouTube is definitely your friend!  Some videos are better than others, so keep looking if you stumble upon a dud.  The beauty of learning by video is that you can stop, start and review as much as your heart desires {and your brain needs}.

When you are proficient at the basics in the how-to videos, you will find tons of patterns on the web.  If the pattern you choose starts with a circle {like a simple beany or a flower}, the following video tutorial will teach you a shortcut called the magic or adjustable loop circle. {If this overloads your brain as a beginner, save this post somewhere for later.}

One of the crochet resource books I absolutely love is a this one.  The reason I love it is because I am VERY visual and everything is presented with step by step pictures.  {LOVE it!}

If you want to review and/or purchase this book, click on the picture. It will route you to Amazon’s listing.

So, I think that’s enough information to get you started!  If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.  And remember, you will find a ton of help on the web just by doing web searches.

God bless and have fun!

Joyfully, Jackie


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