Crochet Flower Brooch Tutorial Coming Soon…

Right now I am supporting some loved ones with medical issues, but soon I will post a tutorial for this cheerful brooch that I just added to my Etsy shop. I had fun making this upcycled denim & crochet flower brooch from a pair of my son’s old jeans. Can’t help but feel like I’ll be carrying around a little bit of his childhood when I wear it. ❤

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a blessed day.

Joyfully, Jackie

I came up with a simple yet surprising way to make this brooch. Tutorial coming soon...

Here's another view. This brooch measures 4" x 4".


2 thoughts on “Crochet Flower Brooch Tutorial Coming Soon…

  1. Now that I am not on FB anymore I can keep up on all your wonderful projects and goings ons over here! O Happy Day! Such a needed break for me…didn’t realize how overwhelmed my brain was becoming. Hugs and praying for your dad.

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